Guest Information


Your room will be allocated on arrival by the resident manager.


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Sheets and doona covers are available in the bedrooms. Please place laundry in the red bags and leave on the Clothes dryer (in the Drying room) for collection. Bring your own towels.


Some basic supplies are provided, eg. Cleaning supplies, tea towels, coffee, tea, sugar, etc. There is an oven and microwave and basic cooking utensils are provided.


You are responsible for cleaning all areas of the lodge used by you. When the lodge is being shared by different groups, each room has its own cleaning duties (displayed on the back of the accommodation sheet and bedroom doors.) Full bin bags should be put in the rubbish hut, which is on the roadside, to the left hand side of the lodge as you come out the front door. The Manager may be prepared to do your cleaning and laundering for you on a fee for service basis - this should be discussed, well in advance, with the Manager.


If you use wood, you should replace the stack (next to the fireplace). The key to the wood store is hanging from the blue cashbox on the wall in the downstairs living area. The wood store is under the floor of the rubbish hut.

CANCELLATION FEE (ski season only)

$30 per bed per night for cancellations made less than 12 days prior to the night/s cancelled. You must advise of weekend cancellations by noon Monday for bookings Friday of the following week.


Should be made by the member.


Payment should be by cash or a member's cheque. Cheques from non members will not be accepted. You should be given an accommodation form when you arrive setting out charges etc. Spare forms are usually available downstairs near the phone area. Please fill out the form and hand it to the Manager with your payment before you leave. Please discuss your time of departure with the Manager in advance. The form and payment may be left in the blue cash box downstairs if the Manager is not present when you leave.


For people to contact you at the lodge: 03 5777 6107


Member should advise you of this. Do not give this code out.


Belmore is a Non-smoking lodge and it is not a licensed premises.